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Healthy Aims, a new EU Framework VI project securing over 16M Euro of funding over 4 years for the 26M Euro project. There are 26 partners, including 6 SMEs, across 9 EU countries. These partners will develop a range of medical implants to help the aging population and those with disabilities. The project is funded under the IST Microsystem programme and combines experts from a wide range of disciplines.


Intelligent Medical Implants and Ambulatory Measurement

‘Devices that communicate with the outside world, providing ambient intelligence to the human health level’


This Framework 6 project is developing key microsystem technologies and communication methods that bring intelligence directly to the human, in the form of medical implants and ambulatory measurement systems. Information from these devices will be transmitted out into the wider environment for remote interpretation and diagnosis.

Medical applications have been chosen that will have a direct positive impact on the health of EU citizens and also contribute significantly to economic growth and intellectual capability.. In particular, this multi-disciplinary project will integrate and extend the existing State of the Art in microsystems, biomaterials, wireless communications, power sources and body area networks (BANs).

The overall objective is to produce intelligent medical devices that have communication capability and exploit the full range of advanced technologies in design, materials, processes and manufacturing.

The medical products being developed include:

In order to achieve this a number of key technologies are being developed including:

The 4 year, 26 partner, project started on December 1 st 2003 and already there have been key deliverables in the form of device specifications, communication architectures and some early hardware demonstrators. Many of these have been presented at various meetings and in journals across the EU, stimulating considerable interest from the wider EU community.

The Healthy Aims Team

These all came from the NEXUS Medical Devices USC and includes 6 SMEs from across the EU.

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